Thursday, April 15, 2010

my first project!

Steve got me a sewing maching for my birthday.
I love it!
I've been wanting to channel my inner creativity and am usually most inspired to make cute little stuff for Lily. It's way more inspiring than making something for myself. That seems backwards =) Life as a mom, I suppose...Anyways, so I found this tutorial for a cute ruffley skirt made out of a tshirt at Sew Much Ado And it turned out adorable! It is a little rough around the edges, as it was my first project, but Lily loves it, and it fits what more can I ask for!!

Oh, and Lily let me put her hair in a ponytail again! I love it...I just can't get enough!!

our cute little man

I mean really, isn't this the cutest little boy you've ever seen?? I know I am a little biased...but he's so handsome!

Easter & Baby Shower

On Easter weekend we headed down to Camarillo for our sister Tanisha's baby shower. Baby Travis is due the first week of May and we can't wait to meet him!!! Tanisha is a ridiculously beautiful pregnant mama and we had lots of fun showering her with love and diapers =) I got to make a cute name idea I stole from some much more creative friends...and it turned out super cute!

After the shower we got to spend some quality time at Chipotle with our beloved DuBransky family...I think we counted there were 18 of us! Nate was lovin' on his uncle Marc and Auntie Tanisha and sending good vibes to Baby Travis.

That Sunday was Easter and we kind of hung low and relaxed a bit. We went to church, made a couple of Easter "buckets" for Nate and Lil, had a little easter egg hunt in our front yard (she would have never found the eggs in our backyard!!!) for Lily, and had dinner that night with Steve's parents and Dave. It was a lovely day.