Friday, December 5, 2008

New job, new house....

Hey all, I just thought I would update you on a few things that have been happening in our life lately!! First, the week before thanksgiving, I started a new job as a school nurse for the Santa Maria-Bonita School District. I am just completing my second week of work (we had the whole week of Thanksgiving off!) and I am thinking that I am really going to enjoy it...once I figure out what on earth I am doing of course! There is a lot to learn, but it is fun to be around the kids and be in a much more relaxed setting than the stressful hospital! And, as an added bonus, I am on the school schedule, so I am looking forward to Christmas vacation already!
Another note of exciting news, we are currently in escrow on a house out here in Orcutt! We are really excited. It is a 4 bedroom 2 bath house on a pretty good size lot. There will be a decent amount of work to do since it is a forclosure, but we are excited to make it our own! We should close sometime around either the end of December or beginning of February. If you live in the area we'd love to have you over once we move in! (And if you live out of the area, we'll have a room ready for you to come and visit!) So, our life is in a bit of transition, getting used to both Steve and I working full time again is a little bit of an adjustment, but we feel confident that the Lord has put us in these jobs for a divine purpose and we are getting used to it! That's all for now...we'll put some more pictures up of the munchkin soon =) Love you all.