Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Last night Lily had her first trick-or-treating experience =) She dressed up as a pretty adorable 49ers cheerleader and we headed over to our friends, the Glazewski's. We only took Lily up to a few houses, but she had fun, and looked pretty cute!

Avila Barn

Last weekend we went up to the Avila Valley Barn with our wonderful friends, the Elwells. We didn't buy any pumpkins, but we all had a great time checking out the petting zoo, the hay maze and playing on the big pile of pumpkins!!

random 18 month pictures

These last few months have been incredibly busy for us DuBranskys here in Santa Maria. Between both of us working, coaching tennis, Steve doing worship at church and trying to keep up with little miss Lily, it has been a little difficult to find time to stop and enjoy our wonderful family!! Thankfully we have had an occasional day here and there that we can just hang out and enjoy each other. The weather has been incredibly beautiful this September and October, so we have be able to be outside, go to the park and have some fun.

beach fun

Almost 2 months ago (wow, I am really behind on posting!!) we went to Avila beach to celebrate cousin Gabriel's 5th birthday. It was a beautiful day at the beach and Lily loved it! I didn't even bring her swimsuit because I figured the water would be too cold, it was kind of late, etc...but, none of these excuses entered her mind. She loved playing in the sand and getting in the water--past her knees! Lily also had a momentous occasion--her experienced her first smore! She ate the entire thing and loved every minute of it!