Thursday, July 23, 2009

sweet Lily

I couldn't resist posting this picture. How cute is our baby girl??

Baby Jake

Lily's new cousin Jake has been visiting Santa Maria (along with his parents,Jeff & Diane, of course!) for the past week or two while their house is being remodeled. Jake was born on June 1, but this was our first chance to meet him as we have been too busy!! (see previous post for more information on our busy-ness!) Jake is a cute little guy with a pretty mellow personality. Lily is quite enthralled with him, the other day she walked up to the swing he was in and just sat right down in front of him and watched. It was pretty cute. Lily really enjoys giving Jake kisses on the head...we have tried our best to protect Jake from the few punches and kicks Lily has "accidentally" thrown in his direction =)
We figure this will be good practice for when Lily is a big sister coming in January!! Yes, you read that right, as most of you already know, we are expecting baby #2 to arrive sometime around January 19, 2010!! I am 14 weeks pregnant and feeling great, all things considered! We are very excited at this addition to our family and can't wait to meet the little boy/girl.
Here are some pictures of Lily and baby Jake...

I know that looks like a head-butt, but I believe it was intended to be an inocent kiss!!

long time comin... has been a really long time since I last posted anything!! I think this happened around this time last year as well. June and July seem to be very busy months for us. I finished work for the summer on June 18 and here's what our summer has looked like since then:
1. On June 22 we left to go up to Lake San Antonio with our high school student for Kickback, our summer camp. It was a wonderful week where the Lord was definitely present and ministering to our staff and students. It was a lot different have Lily up there running around all over the place, but it was so fun to watch her interact with God's creation, the students and her buddies, Sydney and Rylee Elwell who were up there with us as well.
2. The following week after Kickback we had our Jr High summer camp...Lily and I just helped with the food on this one and did go on one trip to Ravine WaterPark, but we missed Steve the whole time and were so happy to have him home!
3. The second weekend in July marked our 29th annual family reunion. It took place in Pismo Beach this year (nice and close to our house thankfully!!) and it was great to see all of our aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. My parents, along with Lauren, Denny and little Dennis, stayed at our house. We hadn't seen Dennis since Christmas time!! Here are some pictures of our time at the condo in Pismo, the beach and hanging out at our house watching Lily and Dennis play together:

4. The weekend after the reunion we had our annual Family Camp back up at Lake San Antonio with our church. It is always fun to go camping with Steve and Lily and hang out immersed in the Lord's creation....but WOW, it was really hot!! I think it stayed at least around 110 degrees the whole time we were up there. Thank goodness we have friends up there with trailors and RVs with air conditioning =)

What a long post...I guess that is what happens when you slack off for a couple of months! Lily is growing and growing and learning new things everyday. She is talking more and more and running all over the place. She just learned to climb up onto our ottoman and she really likes to "jump" (well, she doesn't really get any air, but she tries!)
Next up on our busy summer agenda is Arizona! We leave this Sunday to visit my parents in Tucson, and then travel up to the Phoenix area to visit with our friends, Frankie, Dianan, baby Della, Jeanette and little Haakon. Finally we will stop off in Surprise, AZ to visit with our wonderful friends, the Strands. We hope you are having a summer full of fun, relaxation and God's presence in your lives!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

4 years of us!

4 years ago tomorrow (on the 4th of July) Steve proposed to me on my doorstep in Denver! Well, I excitedly said yes and there began our journey together. It truly has been a wonderful 4 years together and I can honestly (and cheesily!) say that it gets better everyday. So, thanks my love (even though you never read our blog =)!!!) for making me your wife. I am blessed.

My beautiful ring the day Steve gave it to me

Remember these pictures Sarah?? My roomie Sarah took some great engagement pics for us....I still remember having so much fun that day!!